Slowing down. Stand down, stop, look around you, absorb everything you can and stop thinking. Things will happen, but thats okay. And how hard you may try, you will still think about stuff. Let it all happen and be there. Just be. Let thoughts enter your mind, and let them out again. Don’t pay attention to the thoughts. Just feel. Just be. Be one with your surroundings, the people around you. Enjoy everything if you can.

In this case, we were at a local museum. My son needed a bottle and my mother took care of that. After that nice bottle my son wanted to hug as he always wants to. And my mother doesn’t let a change go to hug my son. I didn’t think and took the shot. I felt it was good.

As a wannabee photographer I’ve learned the hard way to take a picture before I think “Hey, that would be a shot“. If I have that thought, I’m allready to late. Just shoot. And allthough this shot isn’t in focus at all, it’s the emotion that it brings back everytime I look at it. The love for my son, coming from his grandmother.

The “Stop thinking, start feeling” rambling at the beginning of this post is past of Mindfullness, which is part of NLP. In 2012 I was give the change to follow both Practitioner and Master course. Both changed my life. I can recommend it to anyone anytime.

Jonathan, I loved this exercise a lot. Thank you.

Btw: This picture was shot using a Composer Pro with a Double Glass optic in it, on a Canon 6D, set to “A”, with ISO 160 at 1/50 shutter speed, with the sun behind the subjects. Ive edited the picture in LR4. Ive added 10% clarity, 20% contrast en cropped it a bit. The final step was adding the sepia filter.

Photo Challenge Tuesday: Slow Down.